Five Roads to Eternity (Split with Fluctus, Nirmal Hriday, Circle of Ghosts, Man o'Moon Faces)

by Fluctus, Nirmal Hriday, Circle of Ghosts, Man o'Moon faces, Epitimia



This is a parts of Epitimia and Nirmal Hriday from the split with Polish ambient project Fluctus, Canadian depressive black metal project Circle of Ghosts and Polish black metal band Man o'Moon Faces.

Nirmal Hriday is a side project of A. from Epitimia (Now on hold).

Released by Beneath the fog productions (now closed)

Cassette limited to 150 copies released by Dark Front Records (Russia)


released November 10, 2009

Nirmal Hriday:

A. - All instruments and Vocals
Aleksandr Kalinin - Solo on "Walking away"
Artyom Vlasjuk - Additional guitar on "Termination"
M. - Guest vocals on "Termination"

All music and lyrics by A.


A. - Guitar, Bass, Programming
K. - Vocals
M. - Female vocals on "Halfway to eternity"

All music by A.
All lyrics by K.



all rights reserved
Track Name: Nirmal Hriday - Walking Away
I am walking away
Hearing you crying for me,
Asking me to return back.
But there’s no another way.

Eternal trail of lies – be my guide
Through the life of woe.
Through the magic sin
Be my guide

Mother, please don’t cry –
I will come back.
I'm soon to be back to be loved by you.
You will love me more like that.

But Shame in your eyes I see when you love
Cause your love overflows with sin.
It was in all the times in this frightful place.
And my pure passion still can’t be released.

Like a dying child
Left by his own parents
I walk…
I walk away to see a better place
A better place for us
To love and to give
Though I know
My hope is very weak.

Don’t follow me – I’m sick of you.
I'm in fear of your mortal faces
Hope and forgive – I will only smile.
You are so droll trying to hide away from me

Enjoy your life if you can,
But in your heart you must already know -
You will never survive!
Track Name: Nirmal Hriday - Termination
(I've) been asked for ten thousand times
But still have no answers.
May be I’m deaf…
May be I had been asked the wrong questions…

All the lies are killed by silence
Horizons fall…
Into eternal doom!

Termination… As the fundamental torture of life

What life is…?
How can it be…?
“God only knows” – they say
But they are alone.
What can the man do for his loneliness?

Termination… As the fundamental torture of life

Children are so old!
Look in their eyes!

Long live the man in his new utopia!

We can even die for our new utopia!

Termination… As the fundamental torture of life
Termination… As the fundamental torture of life

Where man is isolated from death

Where god and man are united into one…